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Coca-Cola plans to increase production
Tue, 12 Feb 2008 10:51
TradeInvestNigeria Staff

Coca-Cola is going to invest US$100-million in the Nigerian Bottling Company to increase its own production capacity.

The company justified its investment by saying that it will benefit greatly from a top notch production facility because it will lead to an increase in sales.

According to Coca-Cola they are committed to ensure that all the Nigerian Bottling Company plants have excellent bottling standards. The soft drink manufacturer identified the following issues as important:

  • good treatment facilities
  • an environmentally friendly operating facility
  • efficient operating and production levels

    The company also wants to improve its distribution channels throughout Nigeria and plans to invest in local entrepreneurs and distributors.

    Cem Kumral, Coca-Cola's president of Nigerian operations, said he is extremely optimistic about business in Nigeria because of its massive market and the positive long term outlook of the economy.

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