Osun State is an inland state in south-western Nigeria with vast human and material resources, most of which are yet to be fully exploited. A stable and peaceful political environment exists within the region. The population of Osun State is concentrated in a number of urban areas in the upper half of the state, while the smaller towns and villages are found in the lower half.

Agriculture is the traditional occupation of the people. The main cash crops are cocoa and palm produce, while food crops include yam, maize, cassava, millet, plantain and rice. Cocoa is the main export crop, with Osun State being second only to Ondo in terms of cocoa production.

Presently the region is not highly industrialised, but can boast of a few large industrial concerns. The federal government has indicated its presence in the state through the citing of two major industries namely the Osogbo Steel Rolling Mills and the Nigerian Machine Tools at Osogbo. Other industries in the state include the Cocoa Products Industry at Ede and the supreme Oil Industry at Ilesha. Other small and medium industrial ventures are spread all over the state. In order to promote industrial growth, two industrial estates are being developed at Osogbo and Ilesa. These estates are to be provided with roads, electricity, pipe-borne water and telecommunication facilities.

The endowment of Osun State in the area of mineral resources is enormous and presents an array of investment opportunities. Minerals that are economically viable for exploitation include talc, kaolin, granite, clay, gold and feldspar. The Mining and Geological Division of the Department of Industry oversees, in collaboration with relevant federal government agencies, the development of mineral resources in the state.

Through various policies and programmes, the state government has created a solid business and industrial environment. Both local and foreign investors enjoy adequate government protection and incentives.

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